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Food is probably one of the most common topic among casual conversations.Most of humans consider themselves as food lovers. However, there are two kinds of food lovers. The first type can literally eat anything in the world and they are usually lucky enough in terms of consequences. In other words, they don’t put on a lot of weight despite their unhealthy habits.To be fair, they are usually quite fit and hit the gym often.

The second type is the people who admire the first kind and wish to be like them. Most of us belong to the second type. People from the second type have to be extremely careful about their diet in order to stay in shape, they are usually referred as foodies. They love food but consider the nutritional facts from the ingredients before eating a dish.

There are many continents in the world. In other words, there are different countries and people that follow specific diets influenced mostly by culture and geography. For example, Asian people like to have hot food with a lot of spices in it. On the other side of the world, French people like eating raw foodto remain as close as possible to the original taste. We have noticed that Americans and Europeans like to eat cheesy food. Infact, Europe is a cheese paradise from Gouda to Camembert. It all depends upon the area you are living in and the culture you were brought up in.

Similarly, jerky is a type of dried meat found in various parts of the world. You probably know what it is although you might know it under a different name. Jerky is made from beef which is cut into strips and then dried in the air with spices in order to preserve it longer. Salt is the main added ingredient in order to make it dry quicker and suck out the water. It is then packed and sent to the market where you can buy it. People who live in the mountainous area do not store meat in a refrigerator. They put a lot of salt on it to be able to keep it for a long time. It is a very safe way to keep aliments longer.

There are many different uses to jerky. Some of them are precooked and all you have to do is to buy them and enjoy, while there are some that still need to be cooked before eating. Here are a few ideas of how you can use jerky to enhance your cooking.

· Chips:

Jerky can be used as chips . All you need to do is to deep fry them in vegetable oil for a few minutes and they are ready to be eaten with any kind of dip or sauce. If you are a meat lover, this will be the best chips of your life.

· Flavoring:

You can also add Jerky in order to flavor a dish. Fry it and when it gets crunchy, sprinkle it over a curry dish to make it even more delicious.


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